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Juniors 80 Division

SMLLA will be introducing a new division
Juniors 80 will begin during the 2019
Spring Season for 13 and 12 year olds.

Little League fun, developmental, and recreational baseball does not need to end at age 12.  Our league can participate in a district-wide division for kids who have completed Majors.  In this division, teams from different leagues across the district play each other.  These divisions play full-rules baseball including lead-offs, unlimited steals, pick-offs and balks. 


If you love to play baseball, and want to have fun playing with your friends and represent your city, this division is for you!


The D52 13U division features mid-sized field (80’ bases, 54’ pitching), same as USSSA) which best fits this age group.  This size makes for a dynamic game, and is a great stepping stone to the full-sized field.  The schedule is similar to Majors – two games per week, one during the week, and one on the weekend.  There will be a regular season tournament at the end, and then an all-star tournament for those selected.  D52 also offers a 14U division which plays on a full-sized field. 


We see tremendous growth in players in this division, with players getting new opportunities and rising to the occasion.  There is room for kids of all skill levels!

The current system is run by Little League District 52, and games are between teams from other cities:

San Mateo National - Foster City
Belmont/Redwood Shores - Palo Alto
San Carlos

The season will mirror Little League running from March thru May.       There are playoffs, and all-star tournaments at the end of the season.  Cost has yet to be determined, but will be similar to Majors.  If you have an interest, please complete the brief info on the following page, and you will be notified of the future developments including registration, tryouts, etc.



Please direct questions to: